OMB 1653-0034 (Expires 1/31/2015)

Student and Exchange Visitor Program: SEVIS I-901 Fee

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Before Proceeding:

You must have a complete and accurate Form I‑20 or Form DS‑2019 to complete the Form I‑901 online and to pay the SEVIS I‑901 Fee. If you do not have an I‑20 or DS‑2019 or if the information on the form is incorrect, contact the school official or exchange visitor program sponsor for a copy of the form before you continue.

If you choose to pay by check or money order, you must be able to print the Form I‑901 payment coupon when you complete the form online. Ensure a printer is connected and working before continuing. You can always return to the 'Check I‑901 Status / Print Payment Confirmation' page and print the online I‑901 Payment Confirmation at a later time.


Do not pay for a dependent child or spouse who is on an F‑2, M‑2, or J‑2 visa. There is no I‑901 SEVIS Fee due for a dependent child or spouse for these visa types.

Do not pay again if you know that you have made a mistake after you submitted your information. Instead, send an email to and explain what information may need to be changed.

Do not click the back button on your browser during your online session. Instead, use the navigation buttons provided on each page.

Do not access other websites in the same browser window or open another browser window during your online session. Your session will end.

Do not save or bookmark pages during your online session and try to access them later. The saved webpage will not work.

Do not call or email the SEVIS Program Office to ask if your I‑901 online payment was received. Instead, click the "Check I‑901 Status / Print Payment Confirmation" button and you can check your status online.

Check I‑901 Status / Print Payment Confirmation

When you are ready to complete the Form I‑901 online, you must select one of the two Form options below and click the "OK" button.

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